British press fears Beckham career over

LONDON: British press raised fears David Beckham’s ruptured Achilles tendon meant the final whistle had blown not just on his World Cup hopes, but also on the England star’s top-flight career.

But they sought to downplay the effect of his absence from his country’s squad at the World Cup, which kicks off in June, saying his on-pitch contribution was no longer vital. “Not even the brand he has built around himself could protect Beckham from the rupture in his heel that spells the end of his career as an elite footballer,” said the Guardian.

“David Beckham’s international career may be at an end,” lamented the Independent. The Sun added that “this time there seems no way back for Beckham.” Beckham’s World Cup dreams were dashed when he

twisted his ankle during the AC Milan Serie A game against Chievo on Sunday and limped off the field before being stretchered away.