Carlsberg offers wonderful opportunity

Kathmandu, May 8:

Beyond the field, the teams, the goals and the matches, EURO 2008 touches emotions.

As the football world is abuzz with expectations prior to this mega event, Carlsberg’s “Give the man-of-the-match award at Switzerland” promotion in Nepal has made it the talk of the town. Someone from our country can well and truly ‘expect emotions’ at the EURO 2008 by just being there. That someone could be you.

The Carlsberg promotion has been running for a little over a month and we have just few more days left before it officially comes to a close. To participate in this promotion all that the consumers need to do is get two bottles of Carlsberg from selected outlets with which they get a coupon.

One half of the coupon needs to be placed in the drop box at the outlet and the other is retained by the consumer. After the official closing of the promotion, a lucky draw will decide the winner of the promotion. The official closing of the promotion is in the third week of May. The winner will be announced by the first week of June and then the winner will accompany his/her friend to Basel to enjoy the quarter-final match in June 21.

The winner will also get an opportunity to present the man-of-the-match award of the quarter-final match. This is the biggest promotion for any football lover all round the world. For anybody who dreams of sharing the best football moments with their loved ones, Carlsberg shows you the best way to do it.