Chile kick-off world record attempt for 120 hour match

Chile internationals Christopher Toselli and Bryan Carrasco joined forces with amateurs in a "crazy" attempt to set a new world record for playing the longest soccer match.

The five-day fixture at the Bicentenary Stadium in Santiago will feature more than 3,000 players, local media said, as they aim to eclipse the current record of 105 hours set last year in Scotland.

"To me it's a beautiful challenge. It's crazy, but let's hope this insanity can be accomplished," goalkeeper Toselli told Reuters TV.

"It's many hours, over many days, evidently, but for the regular players, there is plenty of motivation to come out to be able to share in this with professional players."

Each player will be on the pitch for at least one hour. The amateurs, who applied online to take part, were grateful for the unique opportunity to mix with the professionals in the 120 hour match that is scheduled to finish on Sunday.

"It's a really great experience, in all truth," said Chilean engineer and participant, Alvaro Valenzuela.

"It's extremely enriching, for me at least, as I practically don't play sports. It's a unique experience, valuable, and I would like it if there were more initiatives like this one."