FA pursues "disrespectful" England fans after Germany game

LONDON: England's football authorities are still working with the police to identify the national team's supporters who were involved in "disrespectful and disappointing" behaviour during Wednesday's international against Germany in Dortmund.

English FA officials are liaising with the UK Football Policing Unit as they review video footage of the match.

England's 1-0 friendly defeat was marred by supporters who booed the German national anthem and sang songs about World War Two, behaviour which has been widely condemned by leading football figures and British media.

Some noted with dismay how the chants, which included one song about German planes being shot down, had occurred just hours after the terrorist attack in London.

FA chairman Greg Clarke led the condemnation, saying in a statement on Thursday: "The behaviour of a section of the England support in Dortmund ... was inappropriate, disrespectful and disappointing.

"The FA has consistently urged supporters to show respect and not to chant songs that could be regarded as insulting to others.

"Individuals who engage in such behaviour do not represent the overwhelming majority of England fans nor the values and identity we should aspire to as a football nation."

Any members of the England Supporters Travel Club found to have been involved with the anti-social behaviour face a possible order banning them from attending games.

The England fans' behaviour was described by former Tottenham Hotspur manager David Pleat on the BBC as "pathetic ignorance" that was "scarring our reputation around the world".