Football: Platini to decide in two weeks on FIFA run

ZURICH: UEFA chief Michel Platini will decide in the next two weeks whether to run in an election to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA president, a source close to the UEFA leadership said Monday.

The French football great, now 60, is considered the favourite to win the election if he stands. FIFA's executive committee met on Monday to decide the date of a special congress as a corruption scandal grows.

Platini is seriously considering a bid after getting verbal support from four of the six regional confederations that make up football's world body, the source told AFP.

Only the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Oceania confederation is not backing Platini.

The UEFA leader has made increasing calls for reform of the world body in recent months. These have been heightened since US authorities charged 14 people -- including seven FIFA officials arrested in Zurich -- with corruption.

"He is seriously considering running. He will make a decision in the next two weeks maximum and then make an announcement," the source said.

If Platini, now in his third term as president of Europe's UEFA, decides not to stand he could reveal who he will back in the election.

"Platini knows that the decision must be taken quckly to close the door against any other challenger," the source said.

European football leaders say Platini has been consulting widely about whether to stand in the election. This was confirmed by the source.

"He has been listening to a lot of people and weighing up everything they have said about FIFA's future. He has been very touched by the warm comments of support he has had.

"But sometimes statements that are made are not worth as much as they should be," the source warned to explain the UEFA chief's hesitation.

Platini will also assess the level of support at the draw for the World Cup qualifying tournaments which is to be made in St Petersburg, Russia on Saturday.

The election was forced by Blatter's decision to stand down which he announced just four days after winning a fifth term as president on May 29.