KAC deny prize money to Dhakal, ban for two years

Kathmandu, November 6:

The organisers of the third Kathmandu Open International Marathon, Kathmandu Athletics Club (KAC), denied Arjun Dhakal the cash prize and medal here today.

The Nepal Armed Police Force (APF) Club athlete had finished third in 2:28:29 in the November 1 marathon. Dhakal boycotted the medal ceremony protesting the mismanagement and the KAC decided not to give Dhakal the prize money of $2,000 accusing him of indiscipline.

“Had he filed a written complaint, we would have investigated the case. But he resorted to tarnishing the image of the organisers and the event itself,” said KAC president Mrigendra Mishra. The KAC also banned Dhakal from participating in the KAC-organised events for two years. Dhakal, however, said that he had boycotted the award ceremony not the award itself after the organisers turned deaf ears towards his protest. “It’s an injustice not to get the prize money after running such a long distance,” he added. “Furthermore, the organisers should have at least consulted me before taking any decision.”

Meanwhile, the organisers handed over $5,000 to winner winner Rajendra Bhandari and $3,000 to runner up Arjun Kumar Basnet. Coming out of two-year exile, the Nepali Army athlete Bhandari had finished the 42.195km course in 2:22:18, ahead of fellow teammate Basnet (2:24:34).