Butt out of Euro 2004

LISBON: England midfielder Nicky Butt has been ruled out of the rest of Euro 2004 after a scan confirmed he had suffered ligament damage to his right knee. The Manchester United player incurred the injury in training on Monday and an England spokesman said he was facing a three to four week lay-off. “Nicky Butt has medial collateral ligament damage which he picked up in training yesterday,” the spokesman said. The spokesman added that England officials were talking to UEFA about whether it would be possible to fly out a replacement for Nicky Butt.

Groenkjaer joins Danes

COPENHAGEN: Danish midfielder Jesper Groenkjaer has joined his team-mates at Euro 2004 on Tuesday after having stayed at home for the death of his mother. Jesper Groenkjaer’s mother died from cancer last Thursday and her funeral was on Monday. Danish coach Morten Olsen had been in regular telephone contact with the player and said that if he decided he did not want to join the squad, he would have his full understanding.

Mostovoi sent home

MOSCOW: Russian midfielder Alexander Mostovoi was removed from the Russian team after criticising coach Georgy Yartsev for allegedly exhausting the players in training ahead of their opening match in Euro 2004, the team’s spokesman said on Tuesday. Russia disappointed its fans with a 1-0 loss to Spain in the opening game on Saturday. Yartsev blamed his team for cowering before the highly rated Spanish. Mostovoi told the Spanish media that the team’s poor performance in the opening game was because Yartsev had pushed them too hard before the match.