Kolkata, June 13 :

Every action in Germany has a reaction in soccer-crazy West Bengal — where a man has had to pledge he will help with kitchen chores for the rest of his life if Argentina goes down to Brazil.

The middle-aged couple from Berhampore in Murshidabad district, about 275 km from here, are so passionate about the World Cup, Ronaldo and Messi that they bet on their favourite teams with the wife obtaining a signed statement from the husband that he would have to enter the kitchen and help her in cooking if Argentina loses.

On the other hand, Probir Sanyal, a homeopath who these days attends to patients donning the colours of Argentina, would be richer by a trouser and shirt if Brazil loses. “He is bragging about Argentina and wearing their jersey. I am confident about Brazil. If Brazil loses he will get the gift I promised but in the reverse case he would have to make friends with the kitchen forever,” said wife Chitra.

“Look, as a soccer fan since childhood I always loved Argentina. But after Maradona came I became a complete convert. This time too I am banking on great players like Messi and Roberto and am confident about their win,” said Probir.

“He is dancing these days. But that will end and Brazil will win,” said Chitra, who clearly belongs to the majority camp in Brazil-besotted West Bengal. Perhaps the real winners will be their two teenaged daughters. “The agreement paper is with us. But whoever wins would have to take us to a restaurant. We will eat out!” said one of them. The siblings said they love soccer too but have no big differences over supporting their teams and players in the World Cup. Well, that’s sporting!