Dias to stay

Nepal cricket coach Roy Luke Dias said he wanted to leave the job only after winning a trophy with the senior team. “The senior side has never won a trophy and I wanted them to win this time around,” said Dias, who had announced the tour as the last one of his seven-year Nepal stay. “I said so just to boost the team’s morale,” he clarified. “But my contract is

also ending in March and the senior team does not have any match till then, so it might be my last match with them,” he added. “I have offers from other countries also but Nepal is always my first choice as I have a different kind of affiliation with Nepal,” said Dias. Asked about the senior team’s failures in winning the trophy, Dias said: “The only reason is the lack of the tournaments.”

Shy Dipla

Nepali cricket team member Dipendra Chaudhary is of shy nature. Known as Dipla to his friends, Chaudhary hesitated to dance with singer Amlia during the gala dinner on Wednesday night. Amlia invited him to the stage for a dance and Chaudhary along with some other Nepali players joined her, but Chaudhary was so shy to dance with the singer that he just stood at the stage with smiles on his face.

Rest for team

The Nepali team did not participate in any kind of practice on Thursday, on the eve of their crucial semi-final match against the UAE. The players remained at the hotel. Some went to swimming pool, some enjoyed music at their rooms and some joined the gymnasium.