Loew's 'scratch and sniff' video no issue says Germany's Podolski

FRANCE:  Embarrassing footage of Germany coach Joachim Loew scratching around inside the front and back of his trousers during their Euro 2016 win over Ukraine has caused a buzz back home but for winger Lukas Podolski it is not an issue.

Loew was watching the game intently from the bench on Sunday when he shoved his hand into the front of his trousers and then smelled it.

He also did the same at the back, before sniffing his hand again, triggering a variety of reactions from fans in Germany with the video widely shared on social media.

"About 80 percent of you here have at some point scratched your balls," Podolski told reporters on Tuesday, amid loud laughter and applause. "It is not an issue in the team."

This is not the first time Loew, famous for his dress sense and style, has been caught on camera in a compromising position, with the German having repeatedly been filmed sticking his finger up his nose and then putting it in his mouth.

World champions Germany play Poland on Thursday after winning their opening Group C game 2-0 against Ukraine. They also take on Northern Ireland in the section.