‘Nepal may lose IOC membership’

Kathmandu, March 22

Nepal Olympic Committee President Jeevan Ram Shrestha today said Nepal government and Rukma Shumsher Rana-led faction should take the full responsibility if Nepal’s membership was suspended by International Olympic Committee.

“There are high chances that NOC’s membership will be suspended by the IOC. If the government does not take its decision back and keep interfering in the activities of NOC, we will be banned,” claimed Shrestha at a press meet today. Shrestha’s warning came a day after a group of Rana-led faction captured NOC building with the help of police. “The Supreme Court on January 5 last year has ruled out that the committee headed by me can carry out its activities. However, the government has been interfering going against the law,” he said.

Shrestha also said the internationally-recognised body was ready to settle the problems through dialogues. “I have been in constant contact with Rana and we are ready to end the row,” he said.

However, Rana-led faction has been claiming that their committee was the legitimate one.

The fresh row began after Ministry of Defense wrote to its departments to implement the five-year-old apex court decision ignoring last year’s decision and Rana-led faction tried to capture the NOC building with the help of police.