KATHMANDU: It was a unusual scene at the Royal Nepal Golf Club (RNGC) on Sunday. Unlike other golf tournaments, the RNGC was filled with noises of children. They were not playing hide & seek or some other games. They were, in fact, in serious business — playing the NGA-RNGC Junior Cup Golf Tournament.

Accompanied by their parents, most of whom were golfers themselves, the kids were enjoying the new-found territory. It was amazing to watch kids swinging, driving or putting like a pro. Although, the tournament was open for children aged between seven to 18, it was exciting to see kids aged around 10 years in serious business.

Aditi Ghimire, the fifth grader at The British School, was enjoying the game at the fullest. Youngest of the three girls participating in the tournament, Aditi, in her usual childish flare, said she loved the game very much and will continue playing it. Given her age, It was joy to watch kids like Aditi swinging the club in a manner a pro does.

“My dad taught me golf. School also take us to the course sometimes,” said the 11-year-old Aditi, daugher of amateur golfer Suhrid Ghimire. Apart from her father’s encouragement, she also had lessons from Gokarna Golf Club director and pro Deepak Acaharya. Aditi had also won the TVS Golf Championship organised by her School at the Gokarna Golf Course last year.