No more ‘super subs’ in one-day internationals

Dubai, March 21:

‘Super subs’ will no longer feature in one-day internationals after the ICC announced an end of a trial on the first day of its board meeting here on Monday.

The board also introduced the first formal pitch monitoring process for international cricket. Introduced last year, the super sub rule allowed for a player to take over the batting or bowling duties of a teammate during the course of a game. Normally, a substitute is restricted to fielding alone and only in place of injured colleague.

As for pitches, groundsmen around the world have often been accused of preparing wickets to suit the home side. Although sanctions for poor surfaces exist in most domestic competitions, none currently apply at international level.

But the new process includes potential sanctions ranging from warning to fine or even suspension of international status for venues that produce sub-standard pitches.

Meanwhile, the ‘powerplay’ system is to be referred to the ICC cricket committee for further consideration. Also discussed were the continuing problems within Zimbabwe cricket, beset by allegations of racist selection policies and failure to pay players.