NSO launched

Kathmandu, February 26

Former president of All Nepal Football Association Ganesh Thapa today announced the Nepal Sports Organisation with an aim of contributing in Nepali sports sector.

Thapa said he could not stay away from sports and came up with the NSO. “I spent 35 years in sports and returned to the same field after the absence of a couple of years,” said Thapa at a press meet. “I tried my hands in politics for a couple of years but I could not stay away,” he added.

President of the ad hoc committee, Thapa said that NSO would take a full shape in near future and that it would organise a professional style badminton tournament within three months to begin with. “There is no point doing the same thing that others have been doing. So we will have a tournament and that will be a different one. At least the players should feel proud of taking part in the event,” he added.

NSO would also pick up potential players and train them to excel in international arena apart from honouring legendary figures of Nepali sports. “We will focus on individual sports and our aim is to produce players who can win medals in South Asian level,” said Thapa. “There are so many legendary players who have not received proper recognition from the government. We will bring them out and felicitate,” he added.

Thapa said sponsors and well-wishers were the main source of income of the NSO. “We will find sponsors and we will also have well wishers with us. We believe that this organization will be the biggest one in Nepali sports in future,” he claimed.