Pyakurel dares NSC to dissolve CAN

Kathmandu, December 22

General Secretary of newly elected executive committee of CAN, Ashok Nath Pyakurel today challenged the National Sports Council Member Secretary Keshab Kumar Bista to dissolve the body or let them work as per the statute.

“If he (Bista) thinks that we are not legitimate, it’s better to dissolve this body and bring his gang,” asked Pyakurel at a press meet. “Creating problems is not the way out as we are in a crucial phase of cricket development,” he added. The controversial elective general assembly on December 14 had elected 17-member executive committee after a faction of officials walked off the meeting protesting the elections.

But the NSC, who instructed the CAN not to hold the elections saying it did not meet procedures for the second time in two months, has been refusing to give recognition to the newly elected officials. “There are lots of works to be done at the moment including the participation of youth team in U-19 World Cup,” said Pyakurel. “And the NSC has been creating problems for no reasons.”

Asked about NSC’s instructions to CEO Bhawana Ghimire, Pyakurel said he was yet to take detailed information. “We came to know about the issue from media this morning and we will take necessary action regarding this development,” he said. “She is our employee and we are the ones who pay her remuneration. She should be responsible towards CAN and not to the NSC,” he added. “We will use every measure to tackle this issue.” The NSC on Monday instructed Ghimire to look after the day-to-day works and coordinate with the International Cricket Council until further notice.

President Chatur Bahadur Chand said they followed all the instructions of the NSC before holding the elections. “One thing we could not obey was going against the statute of CAN,” he said.