Real Madrid may visit Taiwan in August

TAIPEI: Legendary Spanish football club Real Madrid may visit Taiwan for the first time in August, the company that is arranging the trip said Monday.

The Spanish powerhouse, which toured Asia in 2003 and 2005, is scheduled for a friendly match in Beijing on August 8, and Taiwan hopes to host another leg of the team's Asian visit.

"In principle we have obtained the support of our partner organising the Beijing visit," Elephant Ching, president of Taipei-based Dot Han Integrated Marketing Co, told AFP.

"If we reach an agreement, the Spanish team will travel to Taipei on August 1 and play on August 4."

The visit will cost about three million euros (4.3 million US dollars), and the company will seek financial assistance from the government, he said.

"This is a large amount of money, but it would definitely be worth it as it's sure to boost the image of Taipei internationally," he said.