Thomson takes second stage of Malaysia Tour

KUALA LUMPUR: South African Jay Thomson, representing his national team, won the Tour de Langkawi's second stage in Malaysia Tuesday with German Tobias Erler of Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling taking second place.

Thomson won the 182.3-kilometre (about 113-mile) stage from Kuala Terengganu to Chukai in northern Terengganu state in four hours, six minutes and 54 seconds with Erler coming in as overall race leader.

The seven-stage race began in Kota Bharu, capital of the northern state of Kelantan, on Monday and now heads to eastern Pahang state for Wednesday's race from Pekan to the seaside resort of Mersing in southern Johor state.

When the race ends at Kuala Lumpur's Independence Square on March 7, the 20 teams taking part will have covered 1,013.7 kilometres and six states.

Top 10 places in Stage 1:

1. Jay Thomson (RSA/South Africa National Team) 4hr 06min 54sec, 2. Tobias Erler (GER/Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling) s.t., 3. David Pell (AUS/Drapac Porsche Cycling) s.t., 4. Michael Matthews(AUS/Team Jayco) 4hr 09min 57sec, 5. Anuar Manan (MAS/Geumsan Ginseng Asia) s.t., 6. Rene Weissinger (GER/Vorarlberg-Corratec) s.t., 7. Vidal Celis (ESP/Footon-Servetto) s.t., 8. Ruslan Tleubayev (KAZ/Kazakhstan National Team) s.t., 9. Adiq Othman (MAS/Drapac Porsche Cycling) s.t., 10. Christoff van Heerden (RSA/South Africa National Team) s.t.

Top 10 places overall:

1. Tobias Erler (GER/Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling) 8hr 29min 35sec, 2. David Pell (AUS/Drapac Porsche Cycling) 8hr 29min 40sec, 3. Jay Thomson(RSA/South Africa National Team) 8hr 29min 42sec, 4. Michael Matthews (AUS/Team Jayco) 8hr 32min 37sec, 5. Anuar Manan(MAS/Geumsan Ginseng Asia) 8hr 32min 44sec, 6. Vidal Celis(ESP/Footon-Servetto) s.t., 7. Ruslan Tleubayev (KAZ/Kazakhstan National Team) 8hr 32min 45sec, 8. Peter McDonald(AUS/Drapac Porsche Cycling) 8hr 32min 47sec, 9. Zainal Rizuan (MAS/Malaysia National Team) 8hr 32min 48sec, 10. Bualoi Okart (THA/Thailand National Team) 8hr 32min 49sec