Two bronze medals for Nepal

KATHMANDU: Nepali karatekas Bindan Thapa Magar and Rupesh Kunwar have won two bronze medals in the 23rd Skdun World Shotokan Karate Championship and 8th World Kohai Cup organised by the World Shotokan Karate-Do Association - Serbia held in Subotica in Serbia.

Thapa Magar had competed in men's 35 to 40 kg weight division, junior level, gaining victory over Bulgarian and Romanian opponents in Kumite and entered the semifinal.

He, however, lost to a Serbian opponent and was opted out from the final, informed Nepal team coach Govinda Shrestha.

In the same competition, Kunwar had taken part in men's 40 to 45 kg weight division. He also lost the chance to another Serbian opponent in Kumite for the bronze.