Wagle accuses Shrestha

Kathmandu, February 13:

Former national volleyball player Hansa Raj Wagle on Wednesday accused the member secretary of the National Sports Council Jeevan Ram Shrestha for tainting the image of the Nepal Communist Party (UML).

Wagle contested for the post of president of Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) at the third NVA general assembly, which he lost to Ganga Bahadur Thapa by only five votes. Wagle thanked his supporters for their trust in the election. Wagle said the member secretary used all means, legal and illegal, to defeat him.

“He spread the rumour among the representatives that the party (Nepal Communist Party/UML) had directed all to support Thapa,” alleged Wagle. “I don’t believe that a leading national party would mobilise its whole resources for election in sports.”

Wagle also announced that his team would organise a national level tournament soon. He said one best male and female players will be awarded with a motorcycle and a television respectively during the national tournament. “We will distribute tract suits to all the national players within a week,” said Wagle reiterating his commitment to provide employment to the national players.