To replace general administration ministry

Kathmandu, April 18: The government is doing groundwork to establish Ministry of Human Resources to make the civil service more effective. By establishing the ministry, the government also aims to modernise the traditional system of civil servants and make optimum use of the existing manpower.

The government had formed a task force, led by Minister for General Administration Pampha Bhu-sal, two months ago to study the prospects of establishing the HR ministry. The study is learnt to be in the final stage. The HR ministry will replace the Ministry of General Administration.

Chandra Ghimire, a member of the task force and spokesperson for MoGA, said the task force was giving finishing touches to its report.

The government will establish the HR ministry after the task force submits its report. The cabinet has already decided to establish the HR ministry. The cabinet meeting on March 25 had decided to send a  task force to Thailand and Malaysia to study the HR ministries there. Thailand and Malaysia are the countries which have been making good progress in the field of civil service management. Led by Bhusal, the task force had spent two weeks in Thailand and Malaysia. They had interacted with high-level authorities on the prospects of establishing the ministry in Nepal. According to Ghimire, the task force mainly focussed on the recruitment process, promotion system, effective utilisation of manpower and attracting talented persons in the civil service.

“We also studied the relation between politics and bureaucracy because it is said bureaucracy is affected by politics here,” Ghimire said, adding, “By establishing the HR ministry, we have to adopt the policies of attracting talented persons for government jobs. HR ministries in these two countries woo fresh graduates with scholarships and attractive schemes.” Ghimire, however, said they would devise their own model of attracting talented persons in the government service.

Though many countries have established HR ministry, there is not a department here that is concerned about developing human resources. Among the government agencies, only the National Planning Commission has a separate department on human resource development.

However, former chief secretary Dwarika Nath Dhungel disagrees with the government’s plan to establish HR ministry. “The proposed ministry should not be limited only to the civil servants. It should also focus on non-government human resource development issues,” Dhungel said, adding, “If it failed to cover the non-government and private sector, it would only mean change of name and will therefore become meaningless.”