Youth conference of SAARC nations concludes

Kathmandu, April 26

The youths of SAARC countries representing different organisations have pledged to stand together to utilise their knowledge, skills, time and potential in order to create a better life for people in the region.

Youth Parliament Nepal, the organiser, said a comprehensive deliberation was held on various issues during the two-day SAARC Youth Regional Conference that concluded in Kathmandu yesterday. The conference issued Kathmandu Declaration in the presence of over 40 delegates from South Asian countries. Advocacy, development, governance and economy were four major themes discussed during the conference.

“We urge youths of SAARC region to use their knowledge, skills, expertise, art, resources and energy to empower and inspire other youths to strengthen local cultures, indigenous knowledge, and domestic products. While doing so, we need to overcome the hangover of westernisation,” read the declaration.

It highlighted that geographical diversity was the major strength of South Asia where people with diverse cultures could easily survive.

However, life of the people is under threat due to climate crisis.  “That is why, the youths of South Asia draw the attention of global powers to pay due attention so that the life and livelihood of our region will not be put at risk,” it said.

They expressed commitment to initiate sustainable action and agreed to mobilise themselves to work as pressure groups so the governments of the region will take South Asian youths on board while implementing Sustainable Development Goals.

“Critics say good governance is a big challenge for South Asia. That is why, we agree to maintain transparency and accountability in all affairs of society.”