Barren land, yellow sand, the sound of the wind and a drive in the desert. Shikha Bahety describes the start to a perfect journey


Life is so much spicier when we keep exploring and traveling. It’s all about experiences and getting to know various cultures and traditions.

Jaisalmer FortThe trip to the golden city started with the drive from Bikaner which was about 225 kms. The line of camels and the green bushes at a stretch, that’s not what desert is all about. The lifestyle of the people is totally different than what we imagine it to be. The villages have turned to mini towns and the place has developed as any other with all the necessary facilities.

Each part of Rajasthan is different and the people varied.As we entered the city we could see the Jaisalmer Fort on our right. With the time not being at our disposal, we could only go to one place for sightseeing and we chose that to be Gadisar Lake. The artificial lake was made some 800 years ago. There are three tombs in the middle which has fine craftsmanship. The area has residential building with balconies which was used by saints and pilgrims and visitors coming from far off places. The lake was beautiful with lights all around. With the change in weather which started from a thick fog, to summer sweat and breezy evenings, we thought of ending our day with a bit of handicraft shopping and loving each architecture and wood work on each house.

KhuriThe people staying in the area live like a family and are selfless as the bond of togetherness is so strong. The roads are narrow and each lane looks the same. The palaces are magnificent and huge. It took us half a day to explore the place that we were staying at. There were smaller rooms in every room and one of them had the fourth room, one inside the other. The architecture was really old and the designs and carvings around the place made it more beautiful.

A funny observation: we noticed that each residential house has the wedding date of the last couple who got married and their names with Lord Ganesha painted. I tried understanding the reason and the most I understood was each time a new couple ties a marital knot; it is inscribed on the walls of their homes.

Pink CityThe city is not clean but the carvings and works on the building sure does take your heart away. The next day we went sightseeing at the city. We chose the places which were not on top of the visitors list as we wanted to see the real city and the smaller parts of the place. We started with Jaisalmer fort (500 years old) which took us two and a half hours in total. It is the only residential fort, filled with houses of different communities and shops. The bargaining at the shops is to the maximum. The shopkeeper pays forty per cent commission to the guide on behalf of any purchase by the traveller.

The author is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal, Founder Member of Greener KTM Drive. Wanderlust by heart and Blogger at Paradiso.

The author is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal, Founder Member of Greener KTM Drive. Wanderlust by heart and Blogger at Paradiso.

This trip left me amazed. I could see the stars so clear and the sky was full of them. One of my best days was when there was a spot light on the sky because of one of the events happening around town and it felt as the stars were dancing with the lights on them. I loved experiencing camping under the moonlight with a date with the stars. The sunsets were the most striking ones, as we saw the sky turn orange then towards the tone of pink, finally becoming a ball of red.