A Night in Phi Phi

Having made all the necessary arrangements, our group of four – Badal (my brother in law) and his wife Pragya, my wife Barsha, and I – were all set for our vacation in Thailand.

After spending a few days in Bangkok and Phuket, we were ready for our dream destination – Phi Phi. A van picked us up early and dropped us to the pier to our boat. The engine roared as the boat slowly marched ahead. After about two hours, an island appeared on the horizon and by the time the sun set, we reached Phi Phi.

We got off the anchored boat and paid a few Bahts to the ‘Keep Phi Phi Clean’ desk as we entered the island. While we finished our iced teas in a restaurant, Badal arranged a hotel and sent a lorry for the luggage. The hotel was located around 10 minutes from the beach and provided a panoramic view of two beaches. As we walked towards the hotel, I noticed a special aura of the place. No four wheelers had yet reached this small island sweetly sandwiched between two exotic beaches and scooters were a luxury only for the police. The small stone paved trails between compactly built hotels and restaurants on either side felt amazing to the feet.

The beach was amazing. The word ‘serene’ would be contemptible to describe its tranquility. The water was crystal clear. Beyond every few metres on the beach, beautiful and sharp corals surprised you, making walking a little challenging. We rented two kayaks and snorkelling glasses. As it was our first time, you could imagine our excitement! We rowed to the Monkey Beach in thirty minutes. The beach was completely hidden away from urban infiltration. We anchored our kayaks and started snorkelling. I was overwhelmed when I saw a school of tiny fishes passing just below me. As I swam deeper, I saw more colours and breeds. I have always loved water but after snorkelling I realised I was head over heels hydrophilic. As we rowed back, the view of the sun hiding behind the island was spectacular.

The evening stroll around the island was mesmerising. After dinner we went for a fire show by the beach side. The chivalry of the performers held the audience spellbound, enhancing the effervescence of the atmosphere. The night market was still open. For Badal and I, beer was great company along with local Thai music.

The next morning we decided to visit the view point. After a steep uphill walk for around 15 minutes, we reached the first view point. There was a small slope and below I could see the two hugging beaches and beautiful blue water. After resting for few minutes we followed a signboard which read ‘second view-point, five minutes.’ This was higher than the first and the view, ah, breath-taking! It was absolutely worth the walk and sweat.

We clicked a few pictures and moved down fast to the pier. It was almost 10, time to leave this little piece of incredible beauty. The boatmen said we had another 10 minutes; I quickly went to the small market and bought two ‘Phi- Phi Island’ printed t-shirts, a momentum to keep alive the memory of the place. Leaving Phi Phi Island in its solace we boarded our boat to Krabi with sweet memories and a taste of adventure.

The author is a Lecturer at Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery in Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital