World full of adventure

Situated amidst sprawling terraced slopes, suspended on a high cliff-top gorge above the Bhote Koshi River and surrounded by dense unsullied forest, The Last Resort Adventure Pvt Ltd (TLRA) is the kind of place many adventure seekers wander off to in dreams.

It is blanketed in sheer serenity and lets adrenaline junkies leap off from the edge of160m high bridge over a tropical gorge with rapids and big rocks below.

Jungle rooms

Pre earthquake TLRA had 26 tent rooms, however, currently only 15 rooms are operational. Among them 14 are deluxe rooms which consist of two beds and one standard room of four beds. Built to give a natural jungle feel, the tents exterior and interiors attest the jungle theme beautifully. All tents have bedding and towels and a luggage rack. The common toilet and shower buildings are a short distance away. The resort has solar showers with gas and electric back up to make sure you have a nice hot shower in all weather conditions. The lush green garden and the quiet jungle is a great place to meditate or read.

Wilderness in the resort

Just a few steps from the resort is a bridge where the hosts of activities are done and are available to challenge your guts. The main attraction of the resort, the bungy has been upgraded to a new level, a fresh electric winch system is added to the bungy forte. Now bungy jumpers no longer have to toil up the steep hill after their thrilling jump off the 160m high bridge. They are comfortably hauled back up in less than a minute.

The swing is highly recommended as it takes you down in gravity-defying speed while you swing over the Bhote Koshi river and zip past rocks and green forest on either side. Apart from Bungy and swing activity, there is tandem swing which is definitely a must do if you come wandering with your partner to TLRA. Canyon swing, canyoning, high ropes and water rafting are scheduled to start soon.

Scrumptious delights

The resort’s only bar, Karma Bar, serves delicious continental buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner to its guest.

You can either choose to dine in the bar, in the lush green garden or on the verandah while enjoying the view around you.

The bar is stocked with a wide variety liquor.

Good to know

For those of you who love a bit of pampering, the resort’s massage room which will be operational soon will be at your disposal. You can also enjoy the sauna and the plunge pool filled with refreshing water from a mountain stream.

Make it possible


The Last Resort Adventure


Tatopani, Sindhupalchok

For details

01-4701247, 0525


For Nepali citizens

The package costs Rs 4,900 per person which includes transportation, lunch and bungy or a swing. For video, an additional Rs 1,500 is charged. For Tandem Swing Rs 8,500 is charged + Rs 1, 500 for video.

For Foreigners

The package costs 85 Euro per person which includes transportation, lunch and bungy or a swing. For video, additionally Rs 1,500 is charged.

For tandem swing 150 Euro is charged + Rs 1,500 for a video.