‘Ghost’ scare in Mizoram jail

Himalayan News Service

Aizawl, April 16:

Prison inmates and officials at a jail in Mizoram are unnerved after a prisoner claimed sighting “ghosts” within the precincts. Authorities at the Central Jail in Aizawl have heightened security after the prisoner reported seeing the “ghost” late last month. “Panic has set in after a female prisoner was found unconscious with some blood-like liquid smeared on her face,” jail superintendent C Lalhmangaiha said. The prisoner, Rebecca Lalthakimi, 19, “narrated sighting a ghost that painted her with blood.” Authorities did not take the incident seriously the first time Rebecca reported sighting a ghost. A probe into the incident has been launched after Rebecca saw “it” again. “We are very surprised at this extremely bizarre thing taking place inside this high-security jail. The source of the blood splashed on the girl’s face on two occasions needs to be ascertained,” Lalhmangaiha said.