Afghan officials warn food not getting to embattled Kunduz

KABUL: Afghan officials warn that food and other emergency supplies cannot get through to the city of Kunduz, where fighting is still underway in some outskirts between Afghan forces and the Taliban.

Insurgents overran and held Kunduz for three days last week until government forces launched a counter-offensive. The Taliban have since largely been pushed out, but fighting continues in some areas.

Aslim Sayas, a deputy head of the Afghan disaster management, said on Tuesday that the situation is still too dangerous and unpredictable for supplies to be trucked into Kunduz. Instead, he says authorities are helping the population that has fled from Kunduz.

The Afghan government has been criticized for ignoring warnings earlier of Taliban threats to Kunduz. The city's capture was an embarrassing blow to President Ashraf Ghani.