Bangladesh backs Tokyo’s UNSC bid

Himalayan News Service

Dhaka, June 12:

Bangladesh has supported Japan’s bid to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council but has declined to co-sponsor the G-4 draft framework resolution on UN reforms.

The draft framework resolution mooted by India, Brazil, Germany and Japan proposes expansion of the UN Security Council members from 15 to 25 by adding six new permanent members and four non-permanent seats. Sources in the ministry of foreign affairs said Dhaka had supported Japan in its bid to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

Japan’s Senior Vice For-eign Minister Ichiro Aisawa yesterday called on Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan. Aisawa told reporters here yesterday that he had detailed discussions with Bangladeshi leaders on the G-4 draft resolution. He hoped that the exis-ting “deep and cordial” relations between Japan and Bangladesh would further consolidate after Khaleda Zia’s Japan visit next month.

Replying to a question, Aisawa said the new per-manent members of the United Nation would

not have veto power for the next 15 years. The G-4 countries, faced with opposition from several UN member countries, dropped their demand for veto power in an expanded UN Security Council for 15 years if they are accepted as permanent members of the world body.

The Security Council currently has five members with veto right — China, the US, France, Britain and Russia — and 10 non-permanent members.