Bihar absconders cannot vote or contest

New Delhi, August 5:

In a clean-up bid in crime-infested Bihar ahead of the October-November state polls, the Election Commission has ordered the removal of names of people evading arrest from the voters’ list so they could not contest the elections. It said today the names of all people against whom non-bailable warrants could not be executed for over six months would be deleted from electoral rolls. The Bihar administration has been asked to furnish to the chief electoral officer a complete list of absconders against whom warrants were pending for more than six months. The decision was taken at a meeting of the three-member Election Commission here yesterday. “The information received from the state government shows a dismal position inasmuch as a very large number of warrants have remained unexecuted. It is possible that some of these may have remained unexecuted for quite a long period,” the panel observed.