LONDON: Three members of Britain’s special forces were injured in fighting with Islamic State gunmen in Iraq, the Mirror  newspaper reported on Saturday without giving any details about its  sources. The Ministry of Defence said it did not comment on special  forces operation. The Mirror said the injured men were from the  SAS and SBS units and were taking part in a 25-strong allied special  forces patrol in northern Iraq when they came under fire by 30 Islamic State  fighters in armoured Humvees stolen from the Iraqi army. It said the  covert patrol by British, German and US special forces aimed to identify  Islamic State positions outside Mosul and spot weak areas in the  militant group’s defences. The report said the Islamic State fighters  involved in the incident were all killed as the special forces fought  back with assault weapons and called in an air strike. The three men hit  by shrapnel were treated on the ground before being airlifted out by  helicopter, it said.