Chopstick pierces kids brain

BEIJING: A 14-month-old boy in China is recovering after doctors removed a chopstick from his brain that accidentally poked up through his nose, a spokesman for the local hospital said today.

The toddler, Li Jingchao, from the eastern province of Shandong, is undergoing treatment at Bo Ai Hospital in Beijing for an infection caused by the life-threatening impalement, spokesman Chen Yawei said.

Li was playing with chopsticks while his mother was in the kitchen washing

dishes when he fell and

began crying when a chopstick pierced into his

nose, Chen said.

Because local hospitals did not have the technology to safely remove the chopstick, Li’s parents travelled 10 hours north by car to Beijing on December 26 immediately after the accident, Chen said.

The boy arrived with

a high fever and an irregular heartbeat, according to

a report released by the


Neurosurgeons at the hospital were concerned the removal of the chopstick, which was lodged 4 millimetres into Li’s brain, would cause internal hemorrhaging once removed — possibly causing paralysis or even death, Chen said. “Luckily, the removal resulted in

little bleeding and he suffered only an infection,” Chen said.

Chen said Li’s neurosurgeon was perfect for the job since he had extensive experience with surgeries involving chopsticks lodged in eyes, foreheads and necks. Li is expected to be released from the hospital in about a week, Chen said.