Demolition officer in Zhengzhou fired

BEIJING: Local officials in a central  Chinese province violated rules in forcibly demolishing part of a  hospital, sending medical staff fleeing and burying under rubble six  bodies being processed at a morgue, a state broadcaster said Sunday.  Xiong Zhiliang, a district official overseeing demolition work in the  city of Zhengzhou, was fired, while local police were further  investigating the incident that took place on Thursday, China Central  Television said. The No. 4 Hospital of Zhengzhou University has accused  the local government of ordering the demolition after failing to get the  hospital to agree to a road expansion project. The hospital management  also complained to state media that it was extremely disrespectful for  the demolition crew to bury the dead in the rubble. The Huiji district  government in Zhengzhou said Thursday that it sent in the bulldozer only  after the hospital turned a deaf ear to requests that its CT room and  morgue must be demolished to make way for the road project. The district  defended itself by saying that the workers checked that no one was  inside before they torn down the buildings.