Deposed Honduran president's refuge blasted with pig grunts

TEGUCIGALPA:Honduran soldiers bombard embassy sheltering deposed president Manuel Zelaya with 'serenade' including church bells and animal noises Honduran soldiers have blasted recordings of pig grunts at the embassy in which the country's deposed president, Manuel Zelaya, has been holed up for a month.

Zelaya said the noise, which also includes recordings of church bells, rock music and military tunes, amounted to torture by coup leaders who seized power in June. "It can be heard from 20 blocks away. We can't fall asleep," he told a news conference from the Brazilian embassy, where he is living with about 30 supporters.

The Organisation of American States, which has tried to mediate between Zelaya and the de facto government, expressed concern about "increased harassment" of the embassy, especially at night.

The army chief of staff, General Romeo Vazquez, said the bombardments were a "serenade" to celebrate the country's armed forces day. In June the army arrested Zelaya and bundled him into exile after he angered congress, the supreme court and his party by allying the traditionally conservative country with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

Zelaya slipped back into Honduras last month and has been lobbying for a return to power. Security forces have killed several on pro-Zelaya rallies.

Talks between Zelaya envoys and the de facto government have stalled over whether he should be reinstated before elections planned for November 29.