Egypt train collision kills 14

CAIRO: At least 14 people were killed and 24 others injured in a collision between two trains on Saturday in Giza district southwest of the Egyptian capital, witnesses told AFP.

A security services official said: "The two trains collided at Al-Ayyat, in Giza. There are deaths and injuries."

"The trains were travelling on the same track. One ran into the other as they headed towards Upper Egypt," the official said.

Fatal train crashes are not unusual in Egypt.

In July 2008, at least 20 people died in a collision between a train and a bus near Marsa Matruh in northwest Egypt, while in August 2006 at least 58 Egyptians were killed and 144 wounded in a collision between two trains travelling on the same track.

The deadliest train crash in Egypt happened in February 2002 when the bodies of at least 361 passengers were recovered from a train following a fire.