NEW DELHI: The head of Greenpeace India and a director have quit over the handling of sexual harassment complaints and a rape allegation, the environmental campaign group said on Thursday.

Executive director Samit Aich and programme director Divya Raghunandan resigned yesterday after an internal review found the organisation had failed to ensure a safe workplace for women.

Greenpeace said neither was implicated in the cases, but Greenpeace India said its “internal processes failed and we did not handle that complaint adequately”, prompting the victim to quit. It subsequently received two other sexual harassment complaints against the same man.

Earlier this month Greenpeace said it had accepted the resignations of two men, one accused of sexual harassment and the other of rape. None of the cases were reported to the police.

“There was evidence to show that not enough was done to take action against the men or help the complainants,” he said. It only found out about the alleged rape when the victim placed an account on Facebook saying she was attacked.