Agence France Presse

Islamabad, January 1:

India and Pakistan exchanged lists of their nuclear facilities today in line with a bilateral agreement to hand over such information annually on New Year’s day, the foreign ministry said. The two countries swapped the information under an agreement signed in 1999 on prohibition of attacks on each other’s nuclear installations, foreign office spokesman Masood Khan said. “Accordingly, the information on nuclear installations and facilities of both sides was exchanged today through diplomatic channels,” the spokesman said in a statement.

India conducted nuclear tests in May 1998 and Pakistan in a tit-for-tat response detonated its own devices a few days later. After coming close to a war in 2002 on Kashmir issue they initiated a process of dialogue to resolve all their disputes including the Kashmir issue and have been engaged in a series of fence-mending moves since last year.

Last last month the two sides held inconclusive talks on ways to reduce the risk of nuclear war. Although the two countries normally inform each other when holding missile tests, no formal deal was signed. The two sides will meet again at a later date, officials said.