New Delhi, July 20 Indian police said today they were investigating whether a man arrested for the murder and sexual assault of a six-year-old girl may have been a serial child killer after he confessed to 14 more crimes. Ravinder Kumar made the confession after he was arrested in New Delhi on Thursday, Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police Vikramjeet Singh told AFP. Singh said police questioned the 24-year-old labourer after discovering he had been detained in a separate assault case last year and released on bail. “We specifically arrested Ravinder Kumar over the assault and murder of a six-year-old girl,” he said. “After we realised that he had previously been arrested in a similar case, we interrogated him... and he told us of at least 14 other cases.” A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said Kumar had confessed to the “assault and murder of 14 or 15 children over the last few years”. “We are in the process of ascertaining all his claims and separate teams are looking at every claim,” the officer told AFP. Police arrested Kumar after finding his identity card at a construction site where they discovered the body of the six-year-old victim, who had gone missing last week. Speaking to AFP from the police station where he is being held, Kumar said he had been drunk when he attacked his victims, and committed his first such offence in 2008. “I used to do these acts alone, after getting drunk,” he said. “After my first assault I did many others. Some around places where I used to get work... or around my (home) or my relatives’ homes.” Police have sent teams to the areas where Kumar claimed to have committed the crimes, and have ordered a psychological profile. But they said their investigations would take time. “We have the evidence to link him to his present arrest, but it could be a long investigation process for other claims as he has given a broad timeframe of his acts and also doesn’t know the exact area where he committed those acts,” Singh said.