Man stabs 15 kids

Agence France Presse

Beijing, May 2:

A man apparently frustrated that his impotence would make him unable to father children went on a rampage in a Chinese primary school, stabbing 15 pupils and injuring two adults, state media said on Sunday. Yuan Zhangxuan, 28, burst into the school building in Dangchang county on Thursday, brandishing a kitchen knife, the Beijing Times said. Within a few minutes, he had stabbed 15 children, aged from seven to 12, and left one teacher in a state of shock. As he left the building, he chopped off the ear of a bystander, according to the paper. He was cornered by enraged parents and arrested by police, the paper said.

Investigations suggested Yuan had been abandoned by his fiancee because he was unable to perform sexually, making him want to deprive other people the possibility of having offspring, the paper said.