Mob lynches three robbers

Bhopal, March 13:

A mob lynched three men accused of robbery in Semli village of Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur district, the police said today.

“The incident occurred yesterday evening when the men were trying to flee after an unsuccessful attempt to rob two women of their ornaments.

The men had come on two motorbikes and shot at and injured one of the women before fleeing,” Shajapur Police Superintendent JP Ahirwar said.

“However, one of the motorcycles got stuck while they were escaping and the villagers caught one of the robbers and lynched him. The furious villagers then tracked down the other two and beat them to death,” said Ahirwar.

The robbers have been identified as Vikram, Pappu and Yahswant of Rajasthan.

Street justice has been gaining grounds in the rural parts of the country in the recent times.