Neighbour Briefs

Pak British boy case

ISLAMABAD: A five-year-old British boy was reunited with his father on Thursday following a nearly two-week kidnapping ordeal in Pakistan. Sahil Saeed kicked a ball around the lawn of the British high commissioner’s residence in Islamabad, then smiled while cuddled by his father in footage broadcast by television stations. The reunion came after his father, Raja Naqqash Saeed, flew back to Pakistan to collect his son and return him to Britain.

Couple ‘kills’ boys

MUMBAI: A married couple in rural western India have been arrested for allegedly killing five young boys because a religious mystic told them it would help the woman conceive, police said on Thursday. The husband and wife were detained with the man’s parents in a remote village 675 km east of Mumbai following the spate of deaths over the last three months. Police said the couple had been married for 12 years but were not able to conceive. A black magic doctor “told them they would need to kill 11 boys” for the woman to get pregnant, police inspector MA Raif told the NDTV news channel.

Goa cops arrested

PANAJI: Six police officers have been arrested in the Indian state of Goa after an alleged drug dealer claimed in an Internet video clip that they sold him confiscated narcotics. Goa’s deputy police chief Ravindra Yadav said the officers were being held on suspicion of conspiracy and corruption after a probe into the allegations made in secretly-filmed footage posted on the video sharing site

YouTube. Five of the six were suspended earlier this month.