Niger's defence ministry says Boko Haram kills 32 soldiers

NIAMEY: Niger's defence ministry says Boko Haram extremists attacked a military post near the country's border with Nigeria, killing at least 32 soldiers.

The ministry said Saturday that hundreds of Boko Haram fighters attacked the post Friday night, killing at least 30 Niger soldiers and two soldiers from Nigeria. It said 67 other soldiers were wounded. The military reclaimed the post Saturday morning.

A deputy in the nearby town of Bosso, Adam Boukarna, said the extremists burned homes and stores there and remained in town until 4 a.m. Saturday before fleeing with arms and munitions. He said air and land forces have cleared the area, though many fighters fled to the nearby town of Toumour.

Dozens gathered Saturday in Niger's capital to march against the insecurity in the region.