Obama loses bet, owes Canada PM a case of beer

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama is to send Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a case of Canadian beer after losing a friendly bet on who would win Olympic men’s ice hockey final.

“Truthfully, I think what we will end up doing is delivering some of that (beer) the next time we see Prime Minister Harper,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said yesterday.

Canada beat the US squad three to two in overtime in a thrilling match-up on Sunday to become the first Olympic host nation to capture men’s hockey gold in 30 years.

Under the terms of their friendly wager if the United States had won the match, Obama would have received a case of 24 beers from his closest ally and neighbor’s head of government. “There is hope also that in addition

to paying up our end

of the obligation, that

we will probably also give him a case of what we bet (American beer) so he can understand what he’s missing,” Gibbs quipped.

Gibbs had also promised to sport a Canadian team jersey in public if the Canadians won in a side bet with his Canadian counterpart, Harper spokesman Dimitri Soudas.

In Ottawa, Soudas said the jersey was on its way. And “our two offices are liasing closely” to ensure the hotly-anticipated beer delivery from Washington, he quipped.