Pak pounds Taliban

PESHAWAR: Pakistan pounded Taliban hideouts for a third consecutive day on Thursday and said troops killed 14 insurgents in 24 hours. Fighter jets, attack helicopter and tanks this week opened three fronts after armed Taliban seized control of districts 100 kilometres from the capital. The fighters captured Lower Dir and Buner districts despite a government’s deal to enforce sharia law in those areas in a bid to end a Taliban insurgency. Operation Black Thunder was launched under intense pressure from the United States. — AP

Queen’s Day tragedy

APELDOORN: The driver of a car that killed four people on Thursday when it slammed into crowd as members of the Dutch royal family watched in horror, probably acted deliberately, officials said. “We have reason to believe that this was a deliberate act,” said justice official L Goossens. Earlier, a black car rammed into the foot of a monument after mowing down several people. He said the 38-year-old driver was arrested. He was injured in the crash and taken to hospital. “There are no indications of terrorism,” Goossens added. — AFP

Aristotle’s school

ATHENS: The remains of the ancient school where philosopher Aristotle taught his pupils nearly 2,500 years ago are to be turned into an outdoor museum thanks to a donation from a betting company, says Greece’s Culture Ministry. The project in central Athens is slated for completion next year at a cost of $5.9 million. But it will not use funds from the government, which has promised spending cuts amid the global financial crisis. Aristotle, who lived from 384 to 322 BC, studied under Plato and tutored Alexander the Great. — AP

Teen kills father

KATY: Police say a 12-year-old suburban Houston girl fatally shot her father in the back of the head, possibly while he was sleeping. A relative of 38-year-old Mark A Nelson called authorities and summoned officers to the home on Wednesday morning. Officers found Nelson lying on his side in the master bedroom, shot once in the back of the head. Neighbour Gabrielle Young told the newspaper there had been tension between the girl and her father. — AP