Pak violence: 14 trainee cops dead

PESHAWAR: A suicide attack in the main town in Pakistan’s northwestern Swat valley today killed 14 police cadets, officials said, after the army claimed the area had been cleared

of Taliban.

“The policemen were being given training in Mingora when a suicide bomber

entered the ground and

blew himself up near the recruits, killing 14 of them,” said Swat police chief Qazi Ghulam Farooq.

Farooq blamed Taliban militants, saying that the bomber was a boy. “None other than the Taliban are

involved in the attack,”

he added.

Another senior police official said that a curfew had been imposed in Mingora, adding troops and police were patrolling the town and people quickly shut their businesses in fear of more bombings.

It was the first major attack in Mingora since the military claimed last month to have cleared the valley of Taliban militants.

Pakistan in April launched a punishing military offensive against the Taliban in the northwest, targeting the rebels in the districts of Swat, Buner and Lower Dir after the militants advanced closer to the capital Islamabad.