Palestinian carrying explosives arrested at Jerusalem rail station

JERUSALEM: A Palestinian man carrying pipe bombs and knives in his bag was arrested at a light railway station in Jerusalem during the morning rush hour on Sunday, Israeli police said.

"The plan was apparently to attack the light railway," Jerusalem police chief Yoram Halevi said in a statement.

An armed station security officer became suspicious of the man, a resident of the occupied West Bank aged in his 20s. He stopped the Palestinian at gunpoint and searched his bag on a busy central Jerusalem street at the start of the Israeli work week.

Police explosives experts found three pipe bombs, detonator wires, a cellphone and several knives in his bag, a police spokeswoman said. Two main streets were closed off while police defused the devices.

Since October, Palestinian street attacks have killed at least 33 Israelis and two visiting Americans. Israel has killed at least 202 Palestinians, 137 of whom it said were assailants. Others were killed during clashes and protests.