Peru lifts 2017 budget to deal with extreme flooding

The decree will also create a special tax exemption for companies that donate food and other goods for emergency efforts, Thorne said.

At least 62 people have died in rain-related events since December, many in recent days after a sudden warming of Pacific waters near Peru unleashed torrential downpours, landslides and flooding.

Kuczynski, a 78-year-old economist, said Peru has not seen such extreme rains since the powerful global El Nino weather pattern of 1997-1998.

The extreme weather could fan inflation as some food prices have risen on supply disruptions from farming regions.

The floods have destroyed 1,250 km (777 miles) of highway and blocked parts of the main road linking the interior of the country to Lima, according to the civil defense institute.

More than 56,000 acres of crops have been damaged, including in areas that grow grapes, mangoes and bananas for export.

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