Rail traffic halted at Berlin station due to smoke, cause unknown

BERLIN: Railway traffic was halted at Berlin’s Zoo train station on Sunday due to a large amount of smoke, with at least one person injured, German police and fire officials said on Twitter.

The cause of the smoke was not immediately clear.

German media showed smoke billowing from the large station, which is just steps from the site of the December 2016 Christmas market attack.

The entire station, which is also home to multiple shops, fast food restaurants and public transportation lines, had been evacuated, a spokeswoman for railway operator Deutsche Bahn told Reuters.

The Berlin fire department said on Twitter that 15 people had been rescued from a smoke-filled platform and one person had been injured.

German federal police said one incoming tram with 250 people on board had been moved back to the previous Tiergarten station.

Police and fire officials were on site, police said.