Record-breaking cyclist gears up for next world cycle journey

KATHMANDU: Record-breaking British cyclist Mark Beaumont is all set to begin another edition of world cycle journey in July.

The cycling star, best known for cycling around the world in 194 days in 2008, will take "ultra-endurance to another level by circumnavigating the globe in less than half that time," the Muckle Media informed in a statement on Sunday.

The formal announcement will be made on Tuesday, according to the statement.

"Beaumont will be attempting to travel 18,000 miles around the world, starting from Paris on Sunday, July 2," the statement informed, "As a warm up to the Artemis World Cycle, he will first cycle around the coastline of Britain, leaving on April 4. The 3,500 miles, 15-day training ride will be at '80 days' pace, with Beaumont cycling for 16 hours and 240 miles per day."

Photo Courtesy: Muckle Media
Photo Courtesy: Muckle Media

Meanwhile, as a part of his mission to travel around the world in 80 days, breaking the current world record of 123 days, set by New Zealand's Andrew Nicholson, the Scottish adventurer is raising funds for Orkidstudio, which works to benefit communities worldwide through innovative architecture and construction.

Likewise, the journey will also be tracked through Twinkl, a global educational platform for primary schools.

"This is the culmination of the past two decades, since I was a 12-year-old boy cycling across Scotland," the statement quoted Mark Beaumont as saying, "I would love for this journey to give people the confidence to take on what they are capable of, for young people in particular to stop and to think 'what's my 80 days'?"

"I want to redefine the limits of human endurance by proving what seems impossible really is possible."