Six civilians killed, 37 injured in Kabul suicide blast

Kabul, March 13:

A suicide car bomber rammed a US-led military convoy near the airport in Kabul today, killing six Afghan civilians and wounding 37 others including four American soldiers, officials said.

The extremist Taliban movement claimed responsibility for the blast, which happened during the morning rush-hour on one of the city’s busiest roads and damaged around a dozen vehicles.

Kabul police chief General Salim Ahsas told AFP that six people were killed in the suicide car bomb attack on US-led coalition forces. Health minister Mohammad Amin Fatimi said 33 civilians were wounded. Fatimi blamed the attack on “enemies of Afghanistan”.

The US-led coalition in Afghanistan confirmed that one of its convoys was attacked on the road to the international airport, which has seen several attacks in recent months.

“There were four coalition soldiers that were part of this convoy and again

none of them were seriously injured.” coalition spokesman Lieutenant Colonel David Johnson told AFP.

Two coalition armoured vehicles were damaged, an AFP reporter at the scene said. Blood and scraps of human flesh littered the road along with the wreckage of cars, some of which were on fire.

The force of the blast damaged about 10 cars, General Ali Shah Paktiawal, head of

the police criminal investigation branch told AFP.

The wounded were rushed to different hospitals in the city, he added.