Six security personnel killed in Pak

KHAR: Clashes killed six security personnel in the latest setback for Pakistan’s fight against Islamists in the tribal belt, where air raids left more than 20 militants dead, officials said Friday.

Some 20 to 25 armed rebels targeted a checkpoint manned by local tribal police overnight near Khar, the main town in the semi-autonomous region of Bajaur, where Islamist

militants have a significant presence, officials said.

“The armed militants attacked the post killing all (four) policemen inside,” local government official Adialat Khan told AFP.

He said the post, set up to conduct security checks on the main road heading into Khar, was destroyed.

Other security officials confirmed the incident, which came after another government official said gunmen abducted a policeman in Mamoun, 15 kilometres (nine miles) northeast of Khar.