Gunman shoots six

LAHORE: Gunmen fatally shot six men from a rival faction of their clan outside a court in the eastern Pakistani city of Gujrat on Thursday as they arrived for a hearing in a murder trial, apparently related to a dispute over land, police said. — AP

Ammonia leak

BEIJING: Ammonia leaked from cracked pipes in a brewery in southern China on Thursday, sickening 100 people and causing the evacuation of 2,000 people in the area, the government said. No deaths were reported. The leak occurred in the Dequan Brewery in Jiangxi province.

— AP

Fugitive’s wife jailed

JAKARTA: An Indonesian court on Thursday sentenced the wife of a fugitive Malaysian believed to be involved in terror attacks to three years in jail for hiding information about her husband. Judges at the Bangil district court in East Java found Munfiatun guilty of failure to notify authorities about the whereabouts of Noordin Mohammad Top, said the court’s deputy chief, Sir Johan. — AFP

13,000 geese culled

BEIJING: China confirmed on Thursday that an outbreak of bird flu in its far northwest had killed 460 geese and said the case had been contained. The announcement by agriculture ministry came a day after authorities in Hong Kong released the news. The ministry said it culled more than 13,000 geese at a farm in the Xinjiang region after discovering that about 460 had died from the H5N1 avian flu virus strain. — AP